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The Most Exciting Golf Tournaments in the World

In the world, at the moment, there are about a dozen major golf tournaments for both men and women. However, the so-called ” majors ” always occupy the most proper places.” In this article, we will try to tell you about them. And also find out why millions of people around the world spend their days in front of the screens in anticipation of a new blow!

U.S. Masters Championship Overview

Probably the most famous championship that even people who are far from this sport have heard of is the Master’s tournament. Indeed, this is the most sensational event, which attracts dozens of famous athletes from all over the world. The championship takes place every mid-spring in the state of Georgia, USA. The Augusta National Golf Club opens its doors to all invited, select members. And the spectacle itself is often broadcast by major TV channels.

May Championship from PGA

The PGA is a national organization dedicated to raising the level of interest in golf throughout the country and the world. Every May, they organize several games around the country. At the same time, the tournament winners receive considerable cash benefits since the total amount of the winning pot is more than 11 million dollars! And the person who wins the tournament is automatically invited to become a member of the other three significant majors.

What is U.S Open Golf?

June, namely Father’s Day, has traditionally become one of the main events in the world of sports. Each year, the US Golf Association organizes a number of games at different locations throughout the country. The winner is the player with the fewest hits over 72 holes.

Features of the US Open Championship

The largest championship played in the UK. The organizer is one of the oldest clubs in the world – the Royal Club of St. Andrews. This is a very prestigious event, which, nevertheless, following the rules, anyone can apply for!

Are There Any Other Championships?

In this article, we have considered only a list of four major tournaments that attract attention worldwide. However, since not every newcomer will be able to break into the open championships, it makes sense to try yourself in national and local tournaments. This is what all the famous golf stars of the world have done today. You can find a more extensive list of games in your country on the official website of the national golf association.