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Dress Code for Comfortable Golf Game

If you want to start playing golf and don’t fully understand what things you may need in the future, this article can help you. Today we will analyze what equipment is helpful to you and why.

What Types of Clubs Are There?

All people know that any golfer’s primary tool is a club. At the same time, there are many types of golf sticks in the world, each of which helps at its distance and type of terrain. To avoid delving into the specifics of all the options, we can deal with some of the main ones that you will almost certainly encounter in every game.

  • Wood – As the name suggests, the primary material for this type of club is wood. It is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for long-range strikes.
    Iron – a flat head made of heavy materials helps make solid and accurate strikes at medium and short distances.
  • Putter – lightweight and mobile clubs for making putters, a particular stroke in golf.
  • A wedge is a club used to play in inaccessible terrains such as sand or tall grass.

If you follow all the canons, a set of sticks consists of 14 options. But if you are a beginner, you should not delve into all the variety. Try to assemble a bunch of the types that we have indicated above. This will be enough to learn the basics of the game. When choosing a tool, pay attention to how the handle fits in your hand and whether the length of the stick is right for you. These are essential indicators that can not be changed in any way!

Special Bags for Golfers

Putting all your tools and balls under a tree at the end of the field is a terrible idea. Each golfer carries all their equipment in a large, stereotypical bag on their back. They come in three main sizes – Tour bags, Cart bags, and Travel golf bags, respectively, from largest to smallest.

Is There a Dress Code for Golfers?

If you’re coming to your first game, you probably don’t need to make a memorable trip to the store to get a new batch of clothes. But if you want to go deep into golf, then sooner or later, you may adjust to the general mood in clothes. However, three attributes are almost mandatory for a golfer.

  1. Studded golf shoes
  2. Golf gloves
  3. Cap with a visor

Together, all these wardrobe items can help you stand more stable on the ground, not get corns from a long game, and save you from sunstroke.

Where Should You Start?

The golf game is straightforward and kind, so if you want to deviate from the generally accepted rules, no one may blame you. Sooner or later, you should understand that it is much more convenient to perfectly understand the types of clubs and wear a special uniform than not to do it!