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Glossary for the Professional Golfer

In order not to fall in the face in front of your teammates for the game, you should learn the essential list of words that almost every athlete you meet uses. Suggest starting with the simplest.

How Are Different People Designated on the Field?

  • An amateur is an athlete without the right to receive monetary compensation for his game.
  • Professional – a professional player who has participated in tournaments or is a golf club coach.
  • A caddy is a special assistant to a professional player who serves golf clubs and gives advice on the game.
  • Greenkeeper – from the name, you can guess that this person is engaged in maintaining the proper condition of the coating.
  • Referee – as in any other game, there is a referee on the golf course who decides all controversial issues during the game.
  • Marker – a person who counts the hits of the players. Sometimes this role is simply performed by teammates in the game.
  • Marshal – a unique position whose tasks include maintaining order and good neighbourliness on the field.

Special Designations of Places on the Field

  • Hole – a particular depression in the surface into which the ball is directed.
  • Tee – a small piece of plastic or wood on which the ball is placed
  • Green – an area with sloping grass around the hole.
  • The fairway is the more significant part of the course that is located between the starting point of the game and the hole.
  • Break – A slight slope of the green can cause the golf ball to roll sideways.
  • A bunker is a small hole filled with sand that is designed to create difficulties for the players.

What Types of Shots Do Golfers Use?

  • Swing is a word that refers to the whole process of the golf swing, from swing to dash down and hit.
  • The putter is the second type of stroke that is played directly on the green to roll the ball with little speed but great accuracy.
  • Backswing – the process of moving the stick to the side to give more acceleration
  • Swing-forward – the moment at which the club moves towards the ball.
  • Impact – the moment the club strikes the ball.

How to Use This Information?

You need to understand that all the words that you have learned will not increase your skill as a golfer. However, if you want to communicate intelligently with your teammates, understanding what they are saying is very important. Of course, you yourself will appreciate all the words that were indicated in the article as well as the rest of the slang in the learning process. So keep learning, and good luck!