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Rules and Regulations of the HERTFORDSHIRE GOLF UNION

Revised February 2017

1. The Union shall be called "The Hertfordshire Golf Union".

2. The object of the Union shall be the encouragement and development of Amateur Golf at all levels in the County of Hertfordshire by means of, Annual County Championships, Competitions and County Matches, and by such other actions as the Governing Body may consider desirable for the benefit of the golf clubs belonging to the county.

3. The Union shall consist of:

a) Golf Clubs with a wholly or partly male membership owning or occupying a course or courses in the County of Hertfordshire and such others like clubs adjoining the County of Hertfordshire as the Executive Committee may from time to time approve (hereinafter called "Member Clubs").

b) The Hertfordshire Artisan Golf Union and through such Union those Artisan Golf Clubs which are affiliated to and regularly play over the course of a Member Club.

c) All male playing members of Member Clubs and are affiliated to Artisan Golf Clubs


4. The Governing Body is called "the Council" and the management of the Union shall be vested in it. Twelve shall form a quorum.

5. The Council shall consist of:

a) The President, President Elect (when in post), elected members of the Executive Committee and other Officers of the Union.

b) Male members of each Member Club belonging to the Union and on the following scale:

I. Clubs with more than one course - 3 representatives

II. Clubs with one course of 18-holes - 2 representatives

III. Clubs with one course of 9-holes - 1 representative

c) Two representatives nominated by the Hertfordshire Artisan Golf Union

No act or proceeding of the Council shall be deemed invalid by reason of any vacancy on the Council

6. The Annual Meeting of the Council shall be held in each year not later than the month of March and at such place and at such time as may be decided by the Executive Committee. At least twenty-eight days notice of the Meeting shall be given by the Secretary to each club in the Union specifying the business to be transacted at it.

7. The Council shall at each Annual Meeting elect the President, the Honorary Treasurer, an Honorary Auditor, and such other Officers as the Meeting shall think proper. The President shall not serve for more than three consecutive years.

The Council may also elect a President Elect and any Vice President(s) proposed by the Executive. The President Elect shall hold office until the next AGM. Vice Presidents shall be elected for life. 

The business of the Annual Meeting shall also include the passing of annual accounts and elections to the Executive Committee as hereinafter provided.

8. Notice of intention to move any resolution at the Annual Meeting (except a resolution relating to the annual accounts or a resolution proposed by the Executive Committee) must be sent to the Secretary so as to reach him before December 1st, preceding the meeting.

9. A Special Meeting of the Council shall be convened at any time by the Secretary at the instance of the Executive Committee or by written request to him from the delegates of Five-clubs in the Union, stating the purpose for which such Meeting is required.

10. Subject to the provisions of Rule 11, fourteen days notice of the business to be transacted at such Meetings shall be given to the clubs belonging to the Union and only business of which notice has been given shall be considered. Where such special meeting is called upon the requisition of any Five clubs, the Secretary shall call the meeting for a date within 28 days of the receipt of such requisition, except in cases where twenty eight days notice of the meeting has to be given under Rule 11, when the date for the Meeting shall be within forty two days of receipt of the requisition.

11. No rule of the Union shall be repealed or altered, and no new Rule shall be made except by a majority of two-thirds of the Members present and voting at a Meeting of the Council, and at least twenty-eight days notice of such proposed alteration shall be given to each club belonging to the Union.

This rule shall apply to the regulations for the County Meetings and Competitions except that relating to the qualifications of Competitions.

(Revised February 2017)

12 (a) There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the President, President Elect (when in post),Past Presidents, Vice-Presidents, The Honorary Treasurer (all ex-officio) and nine members elected by the Council at the Annual Meeting who shall be members of Member Clubs. A minimum of two elected or co-opted members shall retire annually and shall be eligible for re-election. Elected members will retire in the order of the date of their election. In the case of those elected on the same date the retiring member(s) will be decided by lot.

(b) All members of the Executive shall have voting rights, except those Vice-Presidents who have never previously been elected members of the Executive. The President shall be the Chairman of the Meetings and in his absence the Executive shall appoint a Chairman. If necessary the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

13. Subject to the directions of the Council the Executive Committee shall deal with all matters arising in the interval between the Meetings of the Council. If any casual vacancy occurs in its body in that interval, it may appoint any members of a Member Club to fill the vacancy with voting rights, until the end of the nest Annual Meeting of the Council. Five voting members shall form a quorum.

14 (a) The Secretary shall be appointed by the Executive Committee

(b) The Executive Committee may from time to time for any purpose, appoint Sub-Committees whether composed of Members of the Executive Committee or not, but who must be members of a Member Club.

(c) The Executive Committee shall select a candidate to be proposed as President Elect in accordance with the agreed process. 

(d) The Executive Committee shall select a candidate to be proposed as President. If this is not the President Elect, a new candidate shall be selected in accordance with the agreed process. 

15. The Union shall duly exercise the disciplinary powers delegated to it under England Golf Constitution. This will be done in accordance with England Golf's Instructions for the Procedure and Conduct of Disciplinary Committees.

16. (a) The duties of the Secretary will include summoning all Council Executive and Committee Meetings and keeping correct Minutes thereof, dealing with all correspondence, collection of all monies due to the Union, payment of all accounts and keeping the books of the Union. The Secretary shall arrange, attend and be in charge of all Championship Meetings and County Competitions and work in close co-operation with any Sub-Committee appointed for these purposes. He shall organise such Members' Meetings as shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

(b) The Honorary Treasurer will be responsible to the Executive Committee for financial policy, budgetary control and preparation of the accounts of the Union.

17. Enrolment of clubs in the Union is subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, but in the event of appeal the decision of the Council shall be final.

18. Each Member Club and Artisan Club joining the Union shall pay such Annual Subscription as may from time to time be determined by the Executive Committee.

All Subscriptions shall become due on enrolment and subsequently on the same dates each year (based on the club's membership renewal dates) as agreed between the club and the HGU. Subsequent to enrolment, payment will be due two months after the club's membership renewal date. Any club whose subscription is unpaid one month after the due date is liable to have its status as a Member club withdrawn, and may not be entitled to take part in the Club Championship or any other Golf Meeting of the Union, and any Member who enters from such a club may not be eligible to take part in any competition or other event organised by the Union.

Enrolment of a club in the Union and the acceptance of entries by the club or any of its members in competition or other events organised by the Union are subject to the adoption by such club of the Scheme for Standard Scratch Scores and Handicapping laid down by the Council of National Golf Unions.


19. Any club wishing to resign its membership must give notice thereof in writing to the Secretary within 30 days following the agreed renewal date, otherwise the club shall be liable to pay its subscription for the next calendar year.

(approved EGM 21st Dec. 1999)

20. The Union is a non-profit making organisation and shall not make a distribution of any profits and surpluses save to another non-profit making body. In the event of the dissolution of the Union the assets and profits of the Union shall be distributed only to non-profit making bodies as shall be directed by the Council of the Union.


1. Competitions shall be held in each year to decide the Club Championship and Amateur Championship of the County. The Executive Committee shall have the power to arrange for such other fixtures as they deem fit.

2 (a) The Club Championship shall be open to all Member Clubs and such Artisan Golf Clubs which are affiliated to Members Clubs and to the Hertfordshire Artisan Golf Union and shall be decided by teams of three amateurs who shall be members of the club at the time of the championship and have nominated the club as their Home club for handicapping purposes. The competitions shall be in the form of 36-holes medal play and the winning team shall be the team with the lowest aggregate of the tree scores.

No club shall enter more than one team and clubs shall nominate their representatives prior to the competition. In the event of a tie the winning team shall be the team with the lowest aggregate scores over the last 18, 9, 6, 3holes and final hole and if there is still a tie the same procedure will apply to the first round scores.

(b) The Executive Committee may at any time alter the format of the Club Championship and make such regulation for play, as it deems expedient. In such event, due notice of the altered conditions will be given by the Secretary to the Secretaries of all clubs entitled to participate.

(c) A Championship Flag may be flown at the winning club during the year of its Championship when the club will be responsible for its care and preservation.

3 A person to be eligible to play in the Amateur Championship of the County, or to represent the Hertfordshire Golf Union at golf must:

(a) be a male member of a Member Club in the County Union or an Artisan Club affiliated to the Union or must have been born in the county and be a male member of a Member Club of another County Union or an Artisan Club affiliated to it and,

(b) must not have represented another County or taken part in a Championship conducted by it in the previous twelve months.

4. The Amateur Championship of the County shall be open to any eligible amateur who holds a current playing handicap within the limit stipulated by the Executive Committee.

The total number of players shall be 66 and those tied for 66th place in the order of merit of any pre-qualifying competition authorised by the Executive Committee.

There shall be a qualifying medal competition of 36-holes. The sixteen players returning the lowest gross score shall qualify to play off by match play stages. If there is a tie for the sixteenth place, the players concerned shall play hole by hole under medal play until all but one are eliminated.

The match-play stages will be over 18-holes and in the event of a halved match, the competitors shall continue to play until one or other shall have won a hole.

5. The entrance fee for the Amateur Championships of the County and for any other competition promoted by the Union shall be fixed from time to time by the Executive Committee.

All entries shall be made through the Secretary of the club and shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, which reserves the right to accept or refuse any entry without giving any reason for its decision which shall be final. A notice of all entries must be given and all entrance fees paid to the Secretary of the Union before the closing date for entries of the meeting.

The competition shall be played according to the Rules of Golf as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, and the local Rules and Bye-laws of the club on whose course the competition is held. All disputes shall be settled by the Executive Committee, or by a Sub-Committee appointed for that purpose, and their decision shall be final.

The Committee in charge of any competition shall have (in addition to the powers conferred upon it by the Rules of Golf) power to modify the regulations governing such competitions.

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